Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Boring Day

Maybe your life is too exciting and you need to slow it down with a kind of boring video. This was taken yesterday when we were stuck inside because of heat and smokey air from the forest fires around here and Riley was having to stretch for entertainment: kickin', scavenging for cheerios, and being smart.
Who says you can't have it all? Goofy kid :)

Sunday, June 24, 2012

What Riley's Wearing

Typically Riley looks more like a little lost boy than a fashionista. But the girl looked pretty good today. Side note: if ever I rob a store it will be Baby Gap - so many cute, pricey clothes (would hit the shelves and the cash register). Despite previous misconceptions stemming from Meg Ryan's bit in "You've Got Mail" about Baby Gap being 'really depressing,' I love that store.
Don't you love baby shoes? So cute and miniature! Riley managed to kick one of her chubby feet into the neck of my undershirt during Sunday school today, pulling it halfway down my bra and snagging the shoe's velcro to the inside. Luckily, we were in a full house and had found seats at the front behind the teachers table so the entire class got a free show. I heaved her above my head so I could get her leg and shoe free and she managed to knee me in the nose just as I detached the velcro and got her out of my shirt. This while the teacher was getting choked up sharing some poignant account that I missed the end of (I miss a lot now that Riley is mobile).  Another six months till she can go to nursery - yay! And then another...12 months till Joe will go... oh well - maybe I'll get better at listening and containing at the same time. And start wearing turtle necks.

 Picture to the left: "what Heidi's wearing." These cookies are the BEST CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES that have ever crossed my lips. If you want to risk making them (you can't have just one - you've been warned), the recipe is here.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Happy Birthday, Riley!

     I remember like it was yesterday: the first time I held her in my arms and she raised her head to look at me and, in my memory at least, time stopped. For nine months I'd wondered what she would look like or how that moment would be. It was not what I had imagined - soothing an upset newborn (she did not cry for a while), crying ecstatic tears of joy, gasping from the pain and exhaustion...none of those applied. Holding her, studying her studying me, I felt peace, rightness, and quiet. And then, watching Dave hold our daughter and she looked so impossibly small and he so...taken! It seemed just natural at the time and now I see it as the best moment of my life. Thinking of it makes me feel  close to the Savior and thankful for His infinite love and the love of Heavenly Father who is responsible for all this beauty and peace and love.
        Suddenly a year has passed and our Riley is a walking, talking, cuddling machine. Elder Wirthlin said this life is a twinkle in the eye of eternity and that is just how I feel - time slips away so fast! Luckily parenting, like visiting teaching, is never-ending :). Every day holds new surprises and the trick, I think, is to appreciate the moments in every day and not let them slide by unnoticed and unappreciated. Like today when I was getting dressed and Riley noticed my outie belly button and kept poking it and giggling. And then we were on a walk and the trail was overtaken by sprinklers that, try to time our dashes as we might, managed to soak us thoroughly. And now she is napping and I am sitting back with my feet up, feeling the hic-ups of baby #2 and this isn't a bad moment either. What a great year it's been! Riley's tiny self has already added so much light and love to our home, I can only imagine what the next year holds.
A few more moments to love from today:
Climbing on the exercise ball I got her for "her" birthday :)

Opening presents from Grandma and Gweepa
This new book has some shocking surprises...
Dave and Riley were into the clothes - I was trying to get us out the door and to the cupcake store.
Now who does Riley take after?
Finally made it to the Sweet Tooth Fairy: winner of Cupcake Wars
Allison brought Riley a present and joined us for some sugar - turns out it is a lot more potent for adults!
Riley got a cake to match her new oufit: funfetti she only would stick her finger in it so here we are coaxing her by putting it on a fork. Who'd a thought I would have to coax a child of mine to eat cake??
Not much of a mess for a first birthday, eh? Turns out our girl is kind of indifferent to cake.
Then it was home and business as usual: bath, bottle and goodnight (though the bath was more fun with the new bath toys - thanks Mom and Dad!). That's a wrap, people! An easy, low-key, enjoyable wrap. Our baby is officially a year old!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day Weekend

It has been another weekend for the books. Saturday we got up early to beat the heat and hiked to the "G" - Pleasant Grove's letter on the mountain - something they do in UT. This has been on my list of things to do since we moved here so it was pretty exciting for me, even though we did it at half speed (quarter speed when I crab-walked down the steep parts. Oh dignity, where art thou??). It was a pretty decent hike that took us about an hour and a half, the view was fantastic and the trail was prettier than the "Y" in Provo. Highly recommend. 
Sitting on the G! Glad I didn't stop when we were close enough to hit it with a rock, as I considered doing....
Riley no longer fits in her baby carrier-good thing Dave is strong and willing!  She ended up falling asleep on top of his  head - completely zonked the last mile of the hike. 
*Note: hiking when you are pregnant is not bad if you take it at your own speed and drink enough, plus all the other hikers (strangers) cheer for you. Its nice. Dave got some cheering too, but it was in the form of, "I wish someone would carry me." and "What a lucky girl!" She really is. 

Long-awaited Father's Day: This time last year Dave had zero kids. Next month he will have two. I was so excited because for once I felt like I nailed it in the present department (which Dave always does - very hard to compete with such thoughtfulness!). I took my first foray into freezer paper-stenciling. I followed a tutorial for it here, and am pleased to say it turned out well. The shirt is Maury Povich Show-inspired: a classy program that I am hesitant to explain (kinda have to see it to get it), but basically Maury has troubled couples on the show who need a paternity test done and if the Dad was wanting to be the father and Maury tells him,"You ARE the father" he goes all thug and does a handstand or takes his shirt off. Its ridiculous and we watch it from time to time and laugh. Then Maury says, "Till next time, America." Like all of America is watching. 
Oh, and breakfast in bed: Nerd's. Its kind of a joke about Dave's healthy eating habits. Oh, "Nice velvet art," you say? Thanks, its for sale to the first offer. The very first, we'll take! Just kidding, Dave - you know I wouldn't get rid of it. Unless someone offers... ;)
Took a long time to exacto the letters and dude out of freezer paper, iron it on and paint, but fun to see his face. I think I'll make a matching onsie for new baby.
 Then we went to church: must include some pictures of this studdly pair:
A rare head-band shot - they never stay on long
And they were done. Time to head to church!
After church we came home and napped, made rolls for Father's Day dinner, card for Don (Dave's creative genius) and headed to Don and Suzette's where we had a nice dinner and visit and ended the night picking 17 gallons of cherries (not an exaggeration!). 

After a while Riley and I sat down and started bagging up the cherries out of the baby bath sized bucket we kept filling. She was rocking so peacefully next to me. "Poor baby's tired," I thought. Nope, "Poor baby" was just working on the biggest blow-out of her life: down her leg, through the seat and onto the grass below. Thanks for keeping it real, kiddo!
Riley and Uncle Jake 17 gallons of cherries and an outfit change later.
Feeling lucky have a whole lot of happy and beautiful in life and be part of a family that cares for each other: sure hope you are all likewise feeling the love! Have a great day!

Friday, June 15, 2012

A Little Shmaltz for You

Sharing a poem you wrote for someone yourself is kind of like saying, "I love you so much I don't mind appearing silly/foolish/schmaltzy for you in front of people." Like singing at your own wedding, or peeing your pants laughing at your husbands joke. Not that I've done either of those things...er, one of those things... Anyways, I dedicate this little ditty to Dave Munion and Mike McClure: the father of my baby(second stanza) and the father of me(third stanza), respectively. They are both 100% awesome dads.

A There-For-You Dad

If there is one thing that's universally cheered
Its a there-for-you dad, no matter clean shaven or with beard.
They are made in every shape, color and size,
And often are funny, kind, handsome and wize.

A young dad is great - he comes with mischief to share,
He'll let you put dirt in your mouth, he'll toss you high in the air.
He'll teach you sweet dance moves and rock you to sleep when you're sick,
Carry you across mountains, let you dress like a hick.
A young dad is odd though: he seems crazy-fun and carefree,
Yet he works long, hard hours to provide for and protect you and me.

As you get older, your dad tends to as well,
But that doesn't make him any less swell.
He makes the best popcorn and milkshakes in town,
His quirky humor always picks you up when you're down.
He insists on being your very first dance,
(You're only a little embarrassed as together you prance.)
You will always rely on his love and advice,
Yes, older dads, also, are really quite nice.

No matter his age, a there-for-you dad
Is the best very thing any girl ever had.
He shows her just what a quality guy ought to be,
So someday she can pick a good one and have her own family. 

Sunday, June 10, 2012

A Wedding Weekend

This weekend we had the fantastic pleasure of seeing some of our VA family for Em's wedding in Draper, UT.  Everyone was only here for a short time and so we made the most of it picnic-ing and shopping and playing and visiting. Riley has been running around with a maniacal gleam in her eye for the past three days, with all the excitement and adoring family to dote on her. It has even pushed her waking up time to eight thirty - bonus! We don't get to see each other often and we always have such a nice time together that I'm already feeling the pains of withdrawals, but then cheer myself up by remembering that we have a son coming soon, and Mom and Dad at least will be back for a visit then. Anyways, enough gushing - here's the pictures:
Draper Temple 
The sealing was at ten in the morning and we lucked out on the weather - warm and slightly breezy, a nice day for a, white wedding :) Though we were all a little toasted by the end of picture-taking.
Ang and Riley had some quality bonding time so we could go in - thanks sister!
So did Ang and I - buying shoes! Nothing like finding some awesome gold sandals and leather boots  to bond some sisters. But, I digress...back to the wedding:
Happily married vampires (that's what I thought of  when I saw this picture, that or GQ - Em is very poised, and sooo beautiful!)
But here they are, obviously deliriously happy.
Sisters and daughter/niece. Happy that Andrea, Sister McClure, could join us.
Dad with Ron Bird: the missionary that baptized Dad and a staple at McClure gatherings when we can get him!
With the parents, who traveled from VA and CA
The gorgeous view and gorgeous bride.
Mom keeping her exhausted grand daughter entertained
Happy exhausted baby lounging in the the grass.
Not a wedding picture, but last Friday marked 34 weeks of pregnancy: six to go!
I'm so excited! Six weeks till I can wear more normal clothes, till I don't crave ice all the time, don't have to leave lots of room on the driver's side when parking, and yes, till we meet our son! SOOO EXCITED!!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Dinner and a Show

Don't worry, she isn't sitting on another baby while she eats - it's just her rogue leg. Baby Restless Leg Syndrome.