Tuesday, September 27, 2011

If I Ever Have an Accident...

I just hope I'm wearing a hat like this guy's:

And that my interview gets put into song:

PS: It is 4:10 am. Good thing Riley wants to party all night so I am up sharing youtubes with you This is what comes of her going to sleep at 7 o'clock. She was up at midnight then up at three and is still up. Now she is in her swing, in hopes that the rocking will conk her out, and every time I look at her she gets wound up and wants to play (aka kicks her legs like a maniac and squeaks and smiles at me. Hm...maybe she has RLS). So I'm trying not to engage, hoping she will go to sleep. Oh no she's got the hicups now! Every time she starts to look drowsy a hicup jolts her back awake. NOOOOOO!!!!!!! I give up - guess I'll go play with my baby now and take a long nap tomorrow. She is so cute! (go down two posts to see kinda what I'm seeing now) :)

Monday, September 19, 2011

Tummy time

Considering her head makes up about a quarter of her body weight I think she is doing quite well.

Play time!

Our girl is easily pleased. This crinkly toy from Zizi and Grandpa can keep her attention for ages. And mine, indirectly, since I think most everything she does is adorable.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

SWAT team has visited our neighborhood twice since we moved in...

Who new PG could be so sketch? Should have been tipped off by the dents in our door when we moved in from when the police battered it down to arrest one of the former occupants for robbery. Dave and I are going to grow pony tails for self defense.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Thursday Adventures

Dave has Thursdays off and so we kind of have two weekends - its pretty sweet. Anyways, our first weekend this week we had a pretty perfect day. Baby slept till nine (!) and then we went for a hike up at Sundance to Stewart Falls. The weather stayed beautiful till be got back to the parking lot when it started to rain. Then we had exactly what we wanted for lunch. We had to go to Betos, Zupas, and Maverick to get it but it was that satisfying. After that Riley left us for some quality grandparent time and we went to the temple. Temple, always a pleasure. We finished off the day hanging out with the family. On a scale of one to 10, yesterday was an 11. If life were a box of chocolates, yesterday was a caramel. If days were songs, yesterday would have been "New Shoes," by Paolo Nutini (my current fav).

I forgot the baby carrier so this is how Riley spent most of the four-mile hike. Also - like Dave's shirt? He made it himself.
I'm the person in bright blue shorts - luckily, so you can see me. The falls were ginormous.

We didn't wade in because the water is ice cold but we all got pretty wet anyways from the waterfall mist.
Day with these guys = a great day :)

Sunday, September 4, 2011

My Big Baby

How we got such an excited morning person I cannot say...but it definitely makes the "wee hours" more fun.

Friday, September 2, 2011

And now: Girth Control

I heard the term from a friend the other day and how applicable it is. After-birth girth is no joke! Riley is 10 weeks and I have yet to get rid of the paunch - tighten up the saggy parts and get some stamina back for heaven's sake. I'm a PE teacher, the least I can do is practice what I preach. So I've set myself a schedule, complete with goals: let me tell you about them and then I really have to stick to it:
1-30 minutes weight training/resistance exercises 3 days a week
2- 30 minutes brisk walk 3 days a week
3- 30 minutes running - heart rate at 65-80% 2-3 times a week
I've been working this schedule sort of for a few weeks and its been good. Finding exercises I can do with baby is a fun challenge. Observe:

Her tummy time is also mine - I think counting my pushups/plank time will have her learning her numbers in no time. Win, win!

Also she loves crunches, when she lays on my shins and gets to drool on me while I work it. I don't mind the drool - gotta keep those crunches slow and CONTROLLED though. Otherwise you don't get a proper workout and will probably get puked on in the face.

Once you work out you putcha hair-bow on and go for a walk. I didn't get a picture of that part, but I did get one of the end result. Shew - rest well earned, baby.

I'm shooting to run a 5K in October with the Run For Innocence team. I believe having such a worth-while cause to help will actually help me stay on track with my plan. I highly recommend supporting the cause, FYI - if you're interested, check out their website! Peace!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

I don't know why everyone is complaining about the changes made to the bluray edition of starwars?