Friday, January 27, 2012

Riley's latest "trick"

Almost a minute of this - I got carried away. Doesn't take much to keep me (us, apparently) entertained.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Let me bring you up to speed.

Christmas: we had a fantastic visit with my family in VA. I haven't felt up to the task of giving the experience an adequate post and now its almost February so I'll just summarize with a few pictures.

Riley on the piano with Dad and Em, and the crafty clocks we made out of embroidery hoops and buttons and stuff for Mom and Suzette
's sewing rooms.

The weather was beautiful most of our stay. We didn't have any snow till the day we left! Then there is Mom and Grandma Smith with the three granddaughters/ great granddaughters in the Christmas outfits Mom made for them.

Opening presents after church. Christmas on Sunday is the best - keeps the focus less on presents and more on Christ. That being said...just see what Dave got me! :P I love my new camera. Unfortunately, I've already lost the charger so am still using my old one for now, but at least its pretty to look at.

The problem with going home is saying goodbye. I sure do miss the family when we are 2,000 miles apart, but am grateful to have people in my life I love so much that I miss so much. I am already looking forward to the next reunion!

Back in UT we celebrated New Year's Eve by piling our furniture in the kitchen and cleaning our carpets - a precautionary measure for when Riley starts crawling which could happen any time. Dave, Riley and I waited for it all to dry on our bed watching "Airheads" and eating Pizza. Then we saw the ball drop on TV and were asleep by 10:30.

A few days later the Dr. confirmed what we already knew from a home test and nausea: I'm pregnant again! The ultrasound showed my due date will be about July 22, making Riley and her future brother or sister 13 months apart. Yes, we were planning this. :)
Here are some of baby # 2's first pictures, taken at 12.5 weeks:

These are pictures of pictures, but you get the gist. It was so neat to see baby even though I cannot yet feel him/her yet. Baby2 is very wiggly even at this young stage, and I was surprised that we could already clearly see limbs and movement and a profile. We'll have another ultrasound in March to determine the gender.

Aside from the thrills of watching Riley grow and daydreaming about baby2, life is fun because of:
1) Snowboarding in Park City (obviously Dave, not me, though I might go with him this week because its pretty and I might see Tracy Morgan. May he get out of the hospital soon.)
2) Book club: (me, not Dave) I have only been to one meeting but am excited by all the cool books we will be reading. Nothing like a good book.
3) I finally have a sewing machine so I can knock out some of those Pinterest projects I've been drooling over.
4) Zumba - I will return this week!

You are now up to speed. And will probably be getting regular updates from here on - with the 2nd trimester starting, my energy is returning and I'm feeling pretty good these days. Heck, I might even clean our bathroom. hahaha. Might, I said.

Monday, January 9, 2012


They just don't make movies like this anymore. Thanks to PETA. sheesh

You Are Welcome

We have tons of pictures and catching up to do what with the Christmas holiday and what not. Too lazy still though, so this video will do for now.