Wednesday, March 28, 2012

This video had me laughing harder each time I watched it. It also made me wonder if something similar might have happened to me at one time and that's why I occasionally duck when people high-five me.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

You're Timeless to Me

Riley stepping out to the music of Hairspray.

*Update to post 12:58, March 26: My mom just saw this post and asked me if I meant to imply a resemblance to Riley's legs and John Travolta's from Hairspray. If I did, it was subconscious, but, for the sake of comparison:

Styles keep a changin'
The world's re-arrangin'
But Edna, you're timeless to me
Hemlines are shorter
A beer costs a quarter
But time cannot take what comes free

You're like a stinky old cheese, babe
Just gettin' riper with age
You're like a fatal disease, babe
But there's no cure
So let this fever rage

Some folks can't stand it
Say time is a bandit
But i take the opposite view
Cause when i need a lift
Time brings a gift
Another day with you
A twist or a waltz
It's all the same schmaltz
With just a change in the scenery
You'll never be old hat
That's that!
You're timeless to me

Oh, Wilbur!

Fads keep a-fadin'
Castro's invading!
But wilbur, you're timeless to me
Hairdos are higher
Mine feels like barbed wire
But you say i'm chic as can be!

You're like a rare vintage ripple
A vintage they'll never forget
So pour me a teeny weenie triple
And we can toast the fact we ain't dead yet!
I can't stop eating
Your hairline's receding
Soon there'll be nothing at all
So, you'll wear a wig
While i roast a pig
Hey! Pass that geritol

Glenn miller had class
That chubby checker's a gas
But they all pass eventually
You'll never be passe
Hip hooray!
You're timeless to me.

You're like a broken down chevy
All you need is a fresh coat of paint

And Edna, you got me goin' hot and heavy
You're fat and old, but baby, boring you ain't!

Some folks don't get it
But we never fret it
'Cause we know that time is our friend
It's plain to see
That you're stuck with me
Until the bitter end

And we got a kid
Who's blowin' the lid
Off the turnblad family tree

You'll always hit the spot
Big shot!
You're timeless to me

You'll always be du jour
Mon amour
You're timeless to me

You'll always be first string


You're timeless to me

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunday Afternoon Fun

Sorry this is sideways. And sorry for my excessive baby talk - I've long given up fighting the urge and resisting the cuteness. But I thought you all might like to see one of Riley's preferred alternative to crawling. She rolls all over but her favorite is standing, and dancing when she can get a tune. Here is when Jakob and her dad were playing Rock Band and she thought the drums were the coolest thing she'd ever seen.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Couple of Firsts*

*The title of this post was almost "Death by Cuteness". You've been warned.
First First: Riley's first baby doll
Dave was shocked and saddened that I got it without him, but forgave me when I explained that it was an unplanned purchase necessitated by a long, boring grocery run wherein Riley needed amusement and I grabbed a doll off the shelf to occupy her just till I was finished shopping. She enjoyed it so much (i.e. drenched the doll in drool) and so entertained everyone for aisles around with her shrieks that I couldn't NOT buy it. Boy, I sure get verbose when I'm reading Elizabeth Peters novels.

Second First: Ducks

We celebrated this gorgeous spring day by taking a bag of stale oatmeal cookies to treat the ducks. Riley loves her rubber ducky at bath time, but took some warming up for the real thing. Honestly, she seemed most excited when we walked away.

Final First: Swings
Didn't care for or against them. But perhaps that was because she was more interested in the little girl next to her - she gets so excited about other kids. I'm glad her little brother is on the way!

Friday, March 2, 2012

The Truth in All its Gory, er, Glory

Dear David,

On this, your 31st birthday, I believe a message of love and affection is in order. But as every good marriage is based on honesty, and as not to make the gals too jealous, a few words of truth first. I hesitate to be so brutally honest, but since I know you mean well, I believe that bringing these few flaws to your attention so you can make minor adjustments will help us in the long run. Consider it the birthday gift of marital bliss.
Dave, you know I love you like you are going out of style (though you aren't - you are always at the height of fashion), but there are just a few habits that you should really work on. For one, why are you forever butting in when Riley and I are trying to do an all-nighter, just about when her dulcet cries are about to drive me to pleasant insanity? Is it not enough that you get to work a ten-hour day that very morning? Really, Dave - you should work on that. And must you persist in making me laugh mid-meltdown? Someday I'll get a clogged tear duct from not finishing a good cry and it will be your fault.
Then there is the matter of cooking. You could, occasionally, burn something or make a mediocre curry, for example. Its nice the way you cook dinner when I'm too tired or disinterested, but when it consistently tastes amazing, I eat too much as well as worry that I too should make dinner taste good. It raises a bar that doesn't need to be raised.
And finally, I don't know if you've thought it through when you tell my I'm beautiful through all my self-haircuts, pregnancy icky-ness, and the general letting things slide that occurs from time to time. If you were a bit more considerate, you might realize this creates a strong temptation to let things go completely, and I don't know how long I can withstand it.

Well, this letter is getting long - sorry it ended up being mostly "room for improvement" items, but I hope it will be taken in the spirit it was given: love! And don't worry about fixing all this at once - I don't put too much stock in perfection. Juno's Dad says it best:

"...The best thing you can do is find a person who loves you for exactly what you are. Good mood, bad mood, ugly, pretty, handsome, what have you, the right person will still think the sun shines out of your [hiney]. That's the kind of person that's worth sticking with."
You have the shiniest hiney of all, Dave Munion! Thanks for sticking with me!

Happy Birthday!