Monday, September 28, 2015


In between the sleeping and the trying not to chuck my cookies thanks to baby #3, we have done one or two things of note the past few weeks. We discovered toddler time at the trampoline gym - Wed. and Fri, $2 from 10-12! We have headed into the mountains on some beautiful fall days and made our first cups of cocoa. We welcomed a new nephew into the world! Mom and Dad came for the blessed event and so we basically had a 10-day family reunion. Unfortunately, my sister-in-law had a really difficult labor and delivery, recovery is ongoing so we have spen time helping them and holding their sweet baby. Well, I have - Dave has totally risen to the occasion and does everything for our kids on the days I'm gone. And often, on the days I'm here (the first trimester is rough). Dave - YOU. are a wonderful daddy. We got some lucky kids. I'm pretty lucky too.

And other mushy things.

Anyway, wouldn't want to miss a whole month without an update. One thing, the grandparents wouldn't like it, and for another, I LOVE looking back on our on our memories here - so much to be thankful for, and it's so good to see how our lives have twists and turns and answers come when we are ready and things always work out. It's something of a comfort when we are still in a transition time of life - still not sure where we will be settling and what not.

Lots of good memories there. And plenty more recent pictures on my phone yet to be downloaded (some even with me in them). What I don't have a picture of is Joe waking me up in the pre-dawn by pinching my nose! I woke up gasping for air. "Mom. My neck isn't long enough." What the? Why?? Eventually, I deduced that Joe had slipped down in the night and his head was no longer on his pillow. His neck wasn't long enough. So he cut off my air supply to tell me about it. "In his defense, you are a very sound sleeper." - Dave. What evs. It's not me it's them.
*Awesome article on similar night time struggles here.

It's an adventure, but how grateful I am for these kids of ours. They are sweet and learning so much everyday - it's really good for me. Oh sure, they are also a little diabolical sometimes (not to pick on him, but I overheard some of Joe's mumbling today..."I will make 'dis ball fwat. And it will be awesome. Riley will be SO. SAD." yeah.) But mostly sweet. Seeing the world through their eyes is a privilege.  Riley was soo excited to be the one to share a scripture with junior primary on Sunday - she was ear-to-ear grins and giggles, bouncing on the edge of her seat till it literally overturned on top her. The teacher rushed over to lift the metal folding chair and check she was alright, and after that Ri was a touch more subdued, but I still got at least three kisses blown my way (I sat in the back to watch her do her thing.) I pray thanks for them every day, and am so full of daydreams about having another one in the spring...I can't even make any more jokes. I'm grateful.