Thursday, April 16, 2015

Running and Dancing

We've almost made it to the weekend! Good job, you! It has been a very busy week and I'm hoping for some down time this weekend. Maybe a nap. You? Dave had the flu last weekend but he still ran a 10 mile race - the Goldy race - U of M thing. H did pretty awesome too! 1:28:09!

Way to go, Dave! You did us proud!

Pretty much all this week we have had this amazing beautiful weather and we have been spending a lot of time at parks and walking around lakes and whatnot. We also had ballet Tuesday and the St. Paul Ballet company put on performances from their spring selection. I can't say enough about how much I love ballet Tuesday, the 2nd Tues of each month at the Landmark center. It is casual enough, a lunch time that just happens to have ballet going on in the middle - that you don't have to stress about the kids running around or talking. Yet the performances are really worth watching - along with the beautiful dancing, there are little lessons in classical ballet, the history and technical terms explained and demonstrated, different techniques are taught. And best of all - Riley and Joe love it. They are riveted and live for the moment at the end they can rush up to the performers, get a little toy or treat from the basket, and have a "lesson" with real ballerinas :)

Riley has been inspired. She has been showing off her new tricks at home and dancing to every classical song that comes on, and she has been passing on her wisdom too.
The blanket was her princess cape. Obviously.

Well, we must be off. Happy Thursday everyone!

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Sibling Day

 I guess yesterday was "sibling day." 0 out of 8 of the McClure siblings took note. Ah well - one might argue that every day is sibling day in a family this size - even a thousand miles apart, not a day goes by that I don't talk to my siblings via phone, email, or skype.

I thought I'd share some Riley and Joe antics in honor of sibling day. They are thick as thieves, those two, and in my unbiased opinion should really have their own TV show. I would watch it. I guess I do! They are a delight.

For example, recently Joe has developed a fear of bugs. He saw a beetle in the stairwell and ducked behind a wall, but when he peeked around the corner to see if it was gone, the beetle flew right smack into his eye! Unfortunately, the same day, Joe was sitting on the couch and a spider let itself down from the ceiling only inches from his head. He saw it moments before I snapped a book shut on it and he won't have anything to do with that book now. (I wiped if off but still...)

Well, the other day they saw a bug in the bathroom and Joe tried to shut himself in the towel closet, which, there is no room to do. Riley cuddled him close and, stroking his hair, told him that, "They're just 'ittle bugs Joe - they're scared of YOU. Don't worry Joe...unless it's a big, big bug, and then they will chase you and try to kill you. And lady bugs. Lady bugs, they poop on you." I intervened at that point. I think she meant well, but her imagination got the better of her.
I told her she could have a spoonful of cookie dough. And I didn't raise no fool.
Another memorable Riley/Joe moment was when they were playing outside with their little gang and started exploring the shrubs. I thought I'd scare them out by saying, "Have you found any mice in the bushes?" "No, we just found this old bird," as they held up the crustiest old crow carcass you've ever got sick to your stomach over. Blech. I herded them all home to sanitize as quickly as I could - it wasn't very quick since at every door way they ran ahead to jump out and scare me with their grubby little, bird-germ infested hands.

Ahh precious moments. Anyways, all this to share a video from the other day; Team R&J at their finest. Riley really has Joe wrapped around her finger 90% of the time. Here is a good minute and a half of footage, but trust me, they were at it for at least 30. They probably ran/biked about 2 miles.

Joe doesn't even care how raw his end of the deal is! haha! Someone on Facebook made the comment that at least they are both getting their exercise, and yes I agree. Joe, if you become a track star, you can thank your sister.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter 2015

Happy (belated) Easter everyone! I hope yours was filled with a spirit of love and rejoicing, and some fun too. We have had a wonderful time this past weekend, so it's time for an update.

Easter festivities included, but were not limited to:
Easter crafts with friends.
CSCC Egg Hunt (lasted about 4.5 seconds)

Joe got an owie, presumably. Pause: why is he in a dragon costume, you say? Because when I told them the day for the egg hunt was finally here, he charged upstairs, shouting for his dragon costume. At least we are getting our money's worth out of it!

Face painting from our neighbors
Celebrity sighting at Driftwood Park! The Rotary Club does a great egg hunt every year for the community. Thanks RC!
 Easter morning, ready for church (outfits courtesy of Grandma)!
Wait, let me take a selfie.
After 2 hours of General Conference. They did amazing till the last ten minutes...
 I made a video of our hunting explorations. Egg hunts are not of the "seen one, seen all" category, and I love rewatching all the egg hunt videos from my youth so much. There is an exceptional one that catches in quick succession Andrea barfing chocolate all over the yard and Tim making a cavalry call right before wiping out on the patio that we all treasure in our hearts. Egg hunts: isn't it about... time?

We also were blessed to sit down to breakfast and dinner with dear friends, and Riley and Joe were completely exhausted by the time we turned in for the night. I know that all the partying is not the reason for the season, but it's still kind of magical. Our hosts for dinner did do a really lovely Easter symbols activity and scripture chase, using 12 eggs with slips of paper and symbols inside - such a good idea! They did it last year too, and if we can't join them next Easter, I'm going to do it on our own. General Conference was also a perfect addition to Easter - I haven't watched all eight hours yet, but I'm gonna. Favorite thoughts from what I did see:
  • When anyone is trying to live the commandments, God sends answers - Rosemary Wixom
  • Do not condemn others for the light they lack - nourish the light that they have - Uchtdorf
  • We are all the prodigal son in some respect - Causse
  • We are not doomed to death in an indifferent universe...Jesus stands triumphant over death although he stands on wounded feet, and extends redemption to us, although with wounded hands and wrists - Holland
  • Grace unlocks the power of Heaven - Uchtdorf
I love conference.  Elder Holland's talk was my favorite, predictably. Very powerful, moving message.

And now we are all getting back to normal life - it was a cold reality for Joe that he couldn't have candy for breakfast today.

We had turkey's on our playground today! I know we aren't downtown or anything, but you still don't expect to see them in the bounds of Minneapolis! These ones were huge too!