Thursday, March 2, 2017

Dr Seuss's and Someone Else's Birthday!

Today is another special day for special people. Dr. Seuss being one. Dave being another!

 Happy Birthday, Dave!


I have now celebrated...7 of your birthdays. The first one, back when we were young and rested, was an awkward affair - that stage before you're "official" and "have money" haha! I was falling for you hard but you hadn't asked me to be your girlfriend and so after much deliberation, I got you a store-bought over-sized cupcake and a...Spider Man cup? I'm not sure what that was about - did we watch Spider Man together, or something? All I remember is that it took me a long time to select that cup. And then that night you asked me to be your girlfriend, and we had our first kiss! I'm so glad we're "official" now. I can be as swoony as I want and no one can call me an idiot! So:

I love you so much! There is nothing worthy I can think of that you don't deserve and I am excited to help you build your dreams over a lifetime, as you have helped me build mine! You make the world a shinier, more hopeful place, and we are all so very lucky to have you. Thank you, you tall, dark ginger, and handsome man you. So glad you're mine.

Well, this birthday I'll be working - we'll make it up this weekend- but at least your birthday present will be better than that first one! And you can kiss me any time you want ;)  (I can say with 99% certainty that you haven't seen "Sweet Home Alabama," but that last phrase was from the movie. It applies.)

I look forward to a balcony serenade very soon.