Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Mother's Day

I had a very nice Mother's Day! It could have just been sad and hard, but Dave and the kids made me feel really special and appreciated. I requested, and was granted, breakfast in bed and episodes of Fixer Upper on my computer. I couldn't stay in bed though, because they brought me their extremely thoughtful presents, and I was so touched and happy, I felt like being with the family and up I got. So that's good :)

We went to church and Riley and Joe sang this beautiful song with the primary and had everyone crying (not me...but had I not been distracted by Henry trying to electrocute himself, I might have.)

It was a gorgeous day for a Sunday walk. 

We walked and talked, and ate Twizzlers, in honor of Mom. Twizzlers always make me think of Mom. Specifically, sitting in the car with Mom waiting for one or more of my siblings to get out of music lessons or sports. Sometimes we'd pass around a pack of Twizzlers to "tide us over" till dinner, and now they taste like peace and comfort and well-being.

We talked about Mom, "Grandma Jan" while we walked. Joe asked if there were Twizzlers in Heaven. Dave figures anything we want to be in Heaven will be in Heaven. Sounds right.

I'm glad I'm a Mom! It's been really good for me! You could drown trying to not mess it up and be everything for your little people, because they are amazing and they deserve everything! But here is a thing that I've learned: God takes our best efforts and makes them enough. That is my mantra on the hard days and I'm relying on the Atonement now more than ever. The calling of motherhood has led me to that. I suppose life is a proving ground to learn that and make choices that lead you to Christ no matter your calling, but that has been my experience and there is nothing I'd give up for that knowledge.

Also, these kids, man. Pieces of my heart walking around outside my body! They have turned me into a doting, protective Mama bear I never thought I could be. Thanks to Dave and these three cherubs, I laugh more now than I ever used to (very likely sleep deprivation plays a part in that too - we're slap happy a lot these days...Dave came home and laid face-down on the carpet yesterday and Henry toddled over to sit on his head. Life's just fun!) I love experiencing things for the first time through the eyes of a child. The questions like, "What's the healthy part of candy?" and "How many money's do you need to buy a house," said while counting his pennies. Riley, stroking your face and looking deep into your eyes to bend you to her will. Henry, and his heart-melting cuddles.

And finally, my Mother's Day favorite's roundup: (Putting my scrolling to good use.) If you haven't already seen these lovely Mother's Day gems, well, enjoy!

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