Friday, April 28, 2017


It does a mother's heart good to see siblings having fun with each other. Sometimes they get a little rough (and it's not always Joe dishing it out! Henry often tries to lure Joe into rough-housing, as you will see here) but there is a deep adoration. For all their being almost four years apart, I see a lot of similarities between the Joe and Henry. They have the same kink in their hair on the top of their heads. They have similar taste in foods. They fight over the same cars and they both like to dance to a good beat. Both fall asleep on their own, and they love a good cuddle. Henry can't really talk yet, but he will babble a mile a minute to a willing audience, like his brother. And they both like to wrastle.

Of course when she's not at school, Riley is in the thick of the fray as well.

I saw a thing on Pinterest today.

I think I've actually posted about this thought before, back when Joe was a baby. Today it touched me again, and turned me back toward my blessings. I mean, I get grouchy. I try not to send too much negativity out there - too much of that in the world already - but whether I complain to you or not, I feel it. And I for sure take my blessings for granted. But this was a reminder to reflect and feel gratitude. I remember praying when I was young for the man who I would marry. Just like, hoping he was having a good day and that he had good friends and stuff. And now I know him and married him and am part of that equation! My children. My relationships with my siblings and friends. My relationship with myself. Fulfilling ways to spend my time and efforts.

Well, it's a roundabout way of saying, "I'm grateful for the little guys roughhousing on the floor."
And also, I'm going to keep praying :)

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