Wednesday, April 20, 2016


For a blog that chronically over-shares, it sure is quiet around here. Because I am in the magic rip-van-winkle land of newborns! I will emerge eventually and wonder how Dave's beard grew so long over night. And my newborn will be gone and replaced with a full-blown toddler. I've seen it happen! In just the three days I stayed at the hospital, our other two children got long and lean, speak like teenagers and are just as loud. He's been telling me this for a while, but suddenly, I have to agree that Joe is no longer a baby.

Le sigh.

The point is: please forgive if I'm not prompt calling/texting back, sending thank-yous, getting pictures out, or updating the blog on these major life events. Or maintaining personal hygiene. But we do so appreciate all the love and joy we have felt from everyone this past week. It means a lot when people are concerned for you and commiserate when things don't go your way; I think it means even more when people celebrate with you and your joy is their joy. That said, here is a video I put together so everyone can share a cuddle and a smile with us, and celebrate a special new spirit joining our family. The song is by a band Dave discovered last year that we just love, and this song could not be more perfect. Thank you Ivan and Alyosha for expressing so beautifully the hopes of a new parent for their child.
Every time I look at you I fall in love all over again
And you're the reason I do what I do
I hope someday you can appreciate that
Don't ever lose your innocence
Don't you lose that heart
Don't you lose your confidence
Oh but most of all
Don't lose your love
But I can see the mysteries of God behind your beautiful brown eyes
A wonderful expression of what happens when two people fall in love
Right before our very eyes
Don't you lose your attitude
Don't ever lose that smile
Don't you lose your tenderness
Oh but most of all
Don't lose your love
Well Henry is my baby boy and everyone he meets he gives a wave
And a smile
And somewhere long ago I lost the light that is only found within the heart
Of a child
Don't you lose your humility
No man is bigger than the next
Do what you love and the money will come
Oh but most of all
Don't lose your love
Don't ever lose your sanity
Don't you lose your mind
But I've seen it all and I sure don't know much
Oh but most of all
Don't lose your love
A little more love from today:
Gorgeous Grandma-made baby quilt came in the mail today. Joe still isn't sure it wasn't meant for him.
Sunshine, blue skies. We sat under the cherry tree for a while and it felt so good to sit and listen to bees and lawn mowers.

Good night, Neverland!
May we all sleep like babies tonight. Especially the baby. 🙏

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