Monday, January 23, 2017

Virginia, Numero Dos: Hiking the Cascade

Now that we live in MN, we make it a point to order unseasonably warm weather when we visit VA ;). So we were able to go for a hike a couple days after Christmas to the Cascades, located in the Jefferson National Forest in Giles. Even this time of year, the moss, laurels, and ferns make a bold stand, providing enough green that you don't feel like it's winter yet after all.

Photo creds to Dave and Dad and myself. It was a very pretty trail.

So you can see the sun was setting as we approached the falls. I'm so proud of our little hikers - they are enthusiastic and energetic. Of course, after the 2 (3? No I think it was 2. Felt like 3 though.) mile hike up, they were getting a little tired and trying to hurry back in the waning light was...a tad difficult. We sang a lot of peppy Christmas songs to up the pace. And the Noble Duke of York. We actually made really good time and got back to the trail head about 6:30 - well after dark, but in one piece (no bear attacks!).

Tim had dinner waiting for us at Lora's house, which was so warm and inviting. They really blessed our lives that night. Haha it might sound a little...overstated. But add up the relief at getting everyone home safely, having worked up a healthy appetite, and getting out of the cold, dark December night...well, it made for an especially pleasant dinner with the family. How I miss those informal gatherings with family! I am so, so, so glad we got to do that.

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